We are a volunteer-run organization dedicated to improving the health of Queens County residents. At the Queens General Hospital Foundation, we are committed to ensuring that Queens County residents have access to quality healthcare, close to home. Through our generous donors, dedicated Board members and community volunteers, our work funds state-of-the-art equipment and facility upgrades for Queens General Hospital and enables the recruitment and retention of highly skilled health professionals to care for our community.

If you are a Health professional, Doctor, Nurse, or Technologist looking to relocate we want to hear from you. Our team will build the necessary bridges needed to make that a reality. Contact us to find out how we can help.

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Our community has donated generously to The QGH Foundation over the years and this has allowed The Foundation to:

  • Provide $7 Million to the 2014 QGH renovation and new build.
  • Provide $600,000 to purchase a new digital X Ray machine.
  • Provide $500,000 to supply a state of the art physiotherapy department.
  • Provide a video-laryngoscope for the ER.
  • Provide 3 FAST ultrasound machines, one for the ER, collaborative practice and medical floor.
  • Fund the salary of a NP for the Collaborative Care Center.
  • $725,000 has been pledged for an MRI at South Shore Regional Hospital to service patients in Queens County.
  • Recruit and assist new Doctors and Health Professionals in our Region.
  • Work with NS Health on plans for a new CT for Queens General Hospital.
  • Partner with Queens Transit to help residents with medical transport.
  • Ensure QGH staff and patients are provided an uplifting environment, through the benefit of our ongoing Beautification Program.
  • Fund a Health Care Professional Suite comprised of on-call rooms for professionals covering ER after hours.
  • Help with housing needs for Health Care Professionals moving to Queens.

Recruiting and retaining health care professionals in Queens County is a key mandate for the Foundation. We are consistently working with NS Health and the Community to improve care and facilitate improvements at Queens General Hospital.

For more information please visit the Queens General Hospital Foundation website.

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